August 20, 2010

It is with great appreciation and satisfaction that I write this letter regarding the recent renovation of my backyard. Last Spring, my husband and I decided that we would begin a huge task with the idea of making our backyard our own “Vacation Spot.” The thought of this was completely overwhelming  due to the  massive task at hand. To do this, we had to take down  our above ground pool, our deck,  and needed to come up with a plan that would not only benefit our large family, but would also comply with all of the laws and codes within our Village.

Dominick  Alfieri of Mario’s Landscape Construction Inc. was the landscaper we had chosen to help us with this task. Although my husband knew him, I had never met him before. Dominick was beyond professional from day one. He invited us to his home to view his patio that he had installed. He also, on his own time, drove us to many different jobs he had completed.  I was  truly taken back of how incredible his work was. Dominick had  patience in dealing with the idea that I really wasn’t sure of what I wanted.  He never pushed his ideas, he listened to my thoughts about what I would like, and always was honest about the plan.
As with any job, things change. As our renovations began, I began to add things that were never discussed at the original meeting. Dominick was always polite, and accommodated our requests without hesitation.   He would meet me at anytime that was good for me, and always reassured me that my yard would be beautiful.

Dominick’s crew go beyond my expectations. These men worked in the bitter cold, never stopping or becoming frustrated.  They always greeted  my family and I with a polite hello, and they became part of our routine during those months. After our patio was built, winter came in time for our new in ground pool to settle. Dominick kept in contact all winter, eagerly awaiting the Spring thaw to begin our pavers around the pool. Again, Dominick went out of his way showing us different colors, designs, and  ways the pavers could be placed. Again, I changed my mind, and again, he was amazing.  Dominick studied our new pool and came up with a design that would accommodate our furniture, as well as how many lounge chairs could be placed on each side. The result was unbelievable, and every morning I cant believe as I look outside, that this is the same backyard!

Dominick did not stop with just our patio and pavers. He sat with us and asked us about flowers, trees, and bushes. After telling him that my husband and I were not gardeners, Dominick drove my husband to the nursery and helped pick out trees, bushes and flowers that were not only beautiful, but low maintenance as well. He completely went  above and beyond his responsibility. Our changes also included placing a waterfall around our pool. Dominick and his crew spent numerous hours constructing this beautiful addition. The waterfall is not only magnificent, it truly displays the perfection of this company.

As  the job came to an end, I was more than satisfied. However, due to  a pipe breaking in our brand new pool,  there was no other choice than to remove certain pavers and fix the issue.  Even though it was a pool issue and had nothing to do with his crew or their work, Dominick sent over workers on a Sunday who not only lifted the pavers, but put them back as if they were never  touched.  Again, an example  of how well this company treats their clients.

As  a homeowner, major change could be stressful and tedious. Dominick and his crew made me feel at ease and confident that everything would fall into place. My backyard is more than I could have hoped for. My family and friends are forever complimenting us on how beautiful everything is, and I simply say that I can not take the credit, I hired the best.

Kelly Ann Braunagel

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